Outreach & Service

MechE Comm Lab
Working with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, I spearheaded the launch of a department Comm Lab, which is a student- and postdoc-run program to help students, postdocs, and faculty improve their communications skills and outputs (papers, résumés, presentations, cover letters, etc.). In this role, I mentored peers 1-on-1, hosted workshops, and contributed a series of CommKit Articles to help scientists and engineers get started with technical communications tasks.

Useful Science
I have been a podcaster (and occasional poster) for the website usefulscience.org, where we break down cutting-edge science so that it’s easy to understand and apply to everyday life!
Check out the Podcast

Fluid Mechanics Outreach Video
I had the pleasure of working with Nicole from FYFD to produce a YouTube video explaining my research on vortex rings for underwater robotics. FYFD is dedicated to making fluid mechanics research accessible to a general public.

Cambridge Science Fest
Each year, Cambridge hosts the Cambridge Science Festival, exposing young students to a wide variety of different topics, demos, and experiments. I volunteer teaching kids about different topics as needed. In the past I have given a talk on underwater robotics, and run hands-on optics demos (complete with lots of lasers)!

Physics with a Bang!
Every December, the UChicago physics department hosts a public science demo day, getting hundreds of primary school students (and their parents) involved in fun (and messy) science experiments throughout the department! While I was there, I helped to organize and run this event, and ran materials testing demos to teach the kids about mechanics and materials.

FIRST Robotics 1739 - Chicago Knights
I mentored Team 1739 for a few years while I was in Chicago. The Knights are extremely active in the Chicago community, setting up numerous workshops and engaging different organizations throughout the city. Check out the Chicago Knights on their Facebook page, or on their website.